CCTV Interview – January 2, 2016

CCTV Interview - January 2, 2016CCTV talks with Dr. Nicolelis about the future potential of brain-machine interface technology for restoring the ability to walk for millions of paralyzed people. Watch

The Source – November 6, 2014

The Source: Mind-Machine Science Will Change EverythingThe Source: Mind-Machine Science Will Change Everything Listen

BBC Radio Interview – February 27, 2014

CBC Interview BroadcastBrain-Machine Interfaces and The Walk Again Project Listen

The Ideas Roadshow Interview

CBC Interview BroadcastMinds and Machines – A conversation with Miguel Nicolelis Listen

CBC Interview Broadcast

CBC Interview BroadcastDr. Nicolelis discusses the future for neuroprosthetic research on Canadian Broadcasting’s ‘Quirks & Quarks’ with Bob McDonald. Listen

CNN Interview

CNN InterviewMaking mind-controlled exoskeletons a reality. Listen

Nature Podcast

The February 21 Nature Podcast highlights the work of Dr. Nicolelis “feeding brain signals into computers to control things in the outside world Listen

Brain Machine Interfaces


Miguel Nicolelis on The Daily Show


Miguel Nicolelis: “Beyond Boundaries” on The Diane Rehm Show


Office Hours with Miguel Nicolelis


Duke News Service Produced Video on Parkinson’s (March 2009)


In Depth: Dr. Miguel Nicolelis Parkinson’s News (March 2009 )


Mind Control Monkey Moves Robot in Japan

(January 2008)

NPR Interview—Monkeys Use Brains to Move Robot Arm

Researchers teach monkeys to control a robot arm using only brain signals. While the actions are rudimentary, scientists are now wondering: When are humans next? Listen